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EmTech Asia partners gain direct access to the region's foremost entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, researchers and government officials. The seniority of participants attending the event is unparalleled with more than 50% being CXOs or VPs.


Over 1000 like-minded individuals with the innovation bug will make their way to Singapore on 22 - 23 January 2019. They are CXOs, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Policy Makers, IP Professionals and Heads of Strategy, Innovation and R&D from:


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Join us in leading the conversation with the businesses and people working on the emerging technologies that will change our lives.


We offer exclusive Content Partnerships to align your brand with the major themes of the event. Custom programs and elements are also available, including exhibit space, private luncheons, sponsored sessions, and more.


Contact Vijay Sharma, Head of Partnerships and Business Development, at +(65) 6500 7096 or via email for a custom proposal that extends your reach before, during and after the event.


Here’s what some of our partners had to say about the event:


"EmTech Asia gave us the platform to explore opportunities for collaboration in the region. We have met some interesting people working on some very exciting projects that will be enhanced by our technology."
Pierre Brunswick, CEO, NeuroMem Technologies


"What's different at EmTech Asia compared to other conferences is the quality. The quality of the presentations, the quality of the folks you meet. You are not going to come here just to hear presentations that you’ve heard before. You’re going to hear things that are new and that challenge you. The pace, the interactivity with some of the talks, the ability of questioning that continually. This conference really encourages you to participate and I definitely met the right people here."
Ron Cellini, Analog Devices Analog Garage


"Emtech Asia - and Singapore - is definitely the next hub after Silicon Valley that you want to be part of, where great minds meet. Besides the mind-blowing convergence of technology, engineering, medicine & entrepreneurship, a vast network of investors has also enabled us to verbally secure a deal worth S$ 200,000, just after a 3-minute pitch. Yes! This is the next valley! Singapore valley!"
Dhesi Raja, Chief Scientist and Cofounder, Artificial Intelligence in Medical Epidemiology (AIME)


"I have been attending EmTech Asia for the last three years. Ever since that, I’ve made a point that MDV, the biggest venture organization in Malaysia and the company I represent, will participate in this event."
Datuk Md Zubir Ansori Yahaya, CEO, Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV)


"If you want to know across a range of different technologies, exciting things that are happening that may well come to market relatively soon, this is the place to come – EmTech Asia. You just don’t get that out of the deep science conferences."
Daniel E. Hastings, CEO, Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)


"If you are a company that wants to change something in the world, or wants to produce something in a way it has never been produced before, I would really recommend EmTech. [It represents] the future of technology."
Mattias Boström, Director of Product Management, Sensavis


"A very professionally run event, attracting high quality speakers + attendees - excellent!"
David Southwell, Chief Visionary Officer, Obsidian Strategics


"EmTech Singapore was very well organized. During these two fantastic days we met a lot of people - scientists, teachers, students, investors, equipment suppliers, industrials, government bodies. Having all these stakeholders gathered in the same place was a great opportunity for us to start to build up quickly and efficiently a new value chain on insects here on Singapore that will be the hub for all Ynsect Asian development in the future!"
Antoine Hubert, CEO, Ynsect


"EmTech was the most influential tech event I've attended in Asia. I networked with leaders from across the globe in the fields that are pushing innovation, from neuroscience to rocket science!"
Vinnie Lauria, Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures


"EmTech Singapore was a great experience that helps highlight young entrepreneurs and disruptive ideas and technologies. Presenting to a group of savvy investors and journalists helped create positive momentum for our company and lead to new opportunities to partner in Asia."
Edward Jung, Founder & CTO, Intellectual Ventures