2018 Testimonials

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We asked participants what they thought about EmTech Asia 2018. Here’s what they had to say:


“I missed this event in 2017, and quite frankly I didn’t expect to be blown away, but I was! This is not just deep tech, it’s deep tech meets business. All presenters, the Innovators Under 35, and the various researchers who were speaking, got me excited not just about their research, but the potential for huge societal and economic impact. Well done EmTech Asia!”
Aditya Tuli, Vice President (Tech & Innovation), MAGIC


“I attend a lot of AI conferences, and EmTech Asia was great because I was able to learn what's going out outside of AI. I listened to many interesting talks ranging from global population growth to batteries or self-driving boat-probes. As a result, I came out with quite a few ideas on how AI could impact other areas that I hadn't thought of before.”
Oriol Vinyals, Research Scientist, Google Deepmind


“Best annual event to understand and leverage latest science and technology.”
Prakash Natarajan, IT BP Director, GSK


“This conference offers an incredibly informative and inspiring view into our future, hosted at one of the most futuristic cities on our planet. The attendees are some of the most innovative thinkers in the world and the event is small enough that you can really get to meet everyone in the two days.”
Diane Wu, Cofounder, Trace Genomics


“EmTech Asia 2018 was an excellent platform to get an overview of emerging and future technologies.”
Abdul Kadir, Research Scientist, SMART


“This isn’t only an event for the Tech & Science people. The topics are interesting and all the speakers made it really easy for a non-expert to understand. Intriguing! I look forward to 2019 EmTech Asia.”
Candy Eevie Yeo, Events & Programs Executive, SMART


"Smooth programme flow with good coverage across major industries and fields."
Ernest Chen, Senior Manager, Workforce Singapore


“The world of technology is moving so fast in so many different directions making it hard to keep up with the latest trends and breakthroughs. EmTech is where you go to keep up, learning about the hottest technology and planetary game-changers from the experts leading the charge.”
Mike North, Host - Outrageous Acts of Science, Discovery Channel


“EmTech offers you a great overview on relevant emerging technologies and connects to the Asian context.”
Katharina Lange, Executive Director, Singapore Management University


“It was a great honour to be listed as one of the Innovators Under 35 by the MIT Technology Review. EmTech is an incredible global platform to deliver inspiring ideas and to seek support from the innovation community. I am working on biomedical devices on patient-derived models for direct detection and evaluation of diseases, and this scene has opened up many opportunities for me and the others.”
Bee Luan Khoo, Senior Post Doctoral Associate, BioSystems and Micromechanics (BioSyM) Inter-Disciplinary Research Group, Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), National University of Singapore (NUS)


“A good networking forum to know new technologies and people.”
Kin Leong Pey,  Associate Provost, Singapore University of Technology and Design


“It was a great honour to be one of the MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 Asia Pacific. The EmTech Asia conference provided me with a fantastic platform to share my work and establish new collaborations.”
Qilin Wang, ARC DECRA Fellow & Lecturer, Griffith University


“It is well-organised. The speakers are of very high quality and knowledge in their respective field.”
Connie Ng, Administrative Officer, City University of Hong Kong


“It was my pleasure to be a part of EmTech Asia. I think the conference combines great topics and great minds. In Singapore, the country that is among the world leaders in adopting innovation, it is particularly important to hold events like EmTech.”
Mark Shmulevich, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, Acronis


“Excellent opportunity to know about where the world is going in terms of technology.”
Tijo Thayil, Group Manager (Robotics), ARTC (A*STAR)


“Being an MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35 was a great honour for me as it opened up a great opportunity to present my innovation to a wide audience. The conference brought together leading technopreneurs, scientists, companies, investors and business people from all round the globe. The presentations and booths were inspirational and spectacular and feature great vision for the future of various cutting-edge technology.”
Ajay Giri Prakash Kottapalli, Research Scientist, Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)


“A good platform to get insight on some of the latest technology and organization behind them and networking opportunities.”
Bill Liu, Chairman & Managing Partner, Stream Global Pte Ltd


“I thought the EmTech Asia 2018 conference was fantastic. I have never before been to a 2-day event that covered such a wide range of cutting edge technologies from practitioners and researchers from all over the world. It made me very excited to be alive at this point in history and looking forward to all of these teams achieving results that will change humanity for the better.”
Adam Gilmour, CEO, Gilmour Space Technologies


“EmTech leads to a broaden understanding of what’s coming in the future.”
Divakara, Postdoctoral Associate, SMART


“Awesome spread and diverse topics on emerging trends!”
Freda Lim, Scientist III, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR


“Probably the best conference to get a download of the latest tech happenings.”
Kwok Lih, Venture Partner, Silicon Solution Partners


“The audacity of each project presented at EmTech Asia blew my mind and left me excited about the future. A future I literally glimpsed at during those two inspiring days.”
Sebastien de Halleux, COO, Saildrone Inc.


“The EmTech Asia is a great event that gathers luminaries from the tech industries and academia. I find many of the talks enlightening and super interesting.”
Wesley Zheng Guangyuan, Scientist, Institue of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR


“EmTech Asia gave us the platform to explore opportunities for collaboration in the region. We have met some interesting people working on some very exciting projects that will be enhanced by our technology.”
Pierre Brunswick, CEO, NeuroMem Technologies


“EmTech Asia 2018 was not only an excellent platform for the brilliant minds of the future, but also a good window of exposure into other new technological applications. This conference (and its collective data pool) should, inadvertently open up opportunities for developing new innovation and encourage productive collaboration among futurist peers.”
Joannes Bartholomew, CEO, VRX Labs (M) Sdn Bhd


“The conference brought us a lot of knowledge on the emerging technologies in the world and market.”
Donna Zhou, Senior Scientist I, IMRE, A*STAR


“On the whole, this was a great event where experts spoke with passion about topics they really good in. Enjoyed having my mind blown.”
Manu Menon, Deputy Managing Director, IPG Mediabrands Sdn Bhd


“What makes EmTech Asia special is the breath and quality of presentations and panels at the true bleeding edge of technology. Where do you get to hear about deep learning, soil microbiomes, and deep space exploration not from bystanders but from the true experts who are actually doing and leading this work that will transform humanity and our planet in the future?”
Olivier de Weck,  Senior Vice President for Technology Planning and Roadmapping, Airbus Group