The world’s most influential leaders and innovators are coming to EmTech Asia. Get inspired and hear from those who are driving the next generation of technological breakthroughs and changing the world.

  • Chris Urmson


    Aurora Innovations

    Coming soon.

  • Henk Rogers

    Founder and Chairman, Blue Planet Foundation

    Managing Director, The Tetris Company

    Serial entrepreneur Henk Rogers is on a mission to end the use of carbon-based fuel. He is founder and chairman of Blue Planet Foundation, whose mission is to lead Hawaii’s transition to clean energy. 

    Henk is also founder and CEO of Blue Planet Energy, an energy storage company. The company’s innovative technology is advancing the safety, reliability and energy output of residential clean energy battery systems. 

    Henk is also known for his 30 year career in the computer gaming industry, pioneering role-playing games in Japan and founding Blue Planet Software, owner of the worldwide rights to the Tetris franchise. 

    His latest venture involves establishing a permanent settlement on the moon. As Chairman of Pacific International Space Center for Explorations Systems (PISCES), Henk is Hawaii’s chief advocate for space exploration and colonization.

  • Jonah Myerberg

    Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

    Desktop Metal

    Jonah Myerberg is a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Desktop Metal where he is responsible for leading the technical direction of Desktop Metal’s 3D printing solutions. Prior to joining Desktop Metal in 2015, Myerberg held senior positions with a variety of organizations focused on high performance battery development, including Renovo Auto and Boston Impact, which he founded, and A123Systems. At A123Systems, Myerberg established and led the motorsports business unit which focused on the development of high performance batteries. His products were adopted by the majority of Formula One teams including McLaren, Force India, Mercedes Benz, RedBull and other high profile motorsports teams like the Porsche 919 team which won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 2015 and 2016. He was also a race engineer for Porsche on the 919 team and for Mahindra Racing on their Formula E team. Additionally, he helped launch Gradiant Corp., where he managed the deployment and operation of large scale water desalination plants that converted fracking water into fresh water. Myerberg earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing from Johns Hopkins University.

  • Poppy Crum

    Chief Scientist

    Dolby Laboratories

    Poppy Crum is the Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. At Dolby, she is responsible for integrating neuroscience and sensory data science into algorithm design, technological development, and technology strategy. At Stanford, her work focuses on the impact and feedback potential of immersive environments, such as augmented and virtual reality, on neuroplasticity and learning. She is on a mission to build technologies that best leverage human physiology to enhance our experiences and how we interact with the world.

  • Mike North


    Discovery Channel

    Dr. Mike North, host of Discovery shows "Prototype This!," "In The Making," & "The Potentialists," and Science Show "Outrageous Acts of Science," is an undaunted, anything-but-mild engineer. Fusing science with media he opens doors to awe-inspiring experiences and radical paradigm shifts, whether teaching innovation at UC Berkeley, creating a more equitable planet as founder of ReAllocate, or making the impossible at North Design Labs.

  • Andrew Hessel


    Humane Genomics

    Andrew Hessel is the founder of Humane Genomics Inc., a virtual biotechnology company specializing in open source designer synthetic viruses. The first application under development is a platform for rapid design, synthesis, testing, and deployment of single-patient cancer therapies for dogs. Hessel is also the co-founder of the Genome Project-write (GP-write), the international scientific effort advancing the design, construction, and testing of large genomes, including the human genome. He is based in San Francisco, California.

  • Benjamin Tee

    President’s Assistant Professor

    National University of Singapore

    Dr. Benjamin C.K. Tee is the President’s Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering at the National University of Singapore and Scientist in A*STAR. He graduated from Stanford University and was selected as a 2014 Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Global Innovation Fellow. He invented multiple award-winning sensing technologies and his works are cited over 8,000 times. He was one of the MIT TR35 Innovator (Global List) in 2015. As a 2017 Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellow, he leads a multi-disciplinary team focusing on creating breakthrough sensor technologies to advance healthcare technologies in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics era.

  • Pierre Brunswick


    NeuroMem Technologies

    NeuroMem develops neuromorphic chips inspired by the human brain, capable of learning and recognizing patterns at high speed and low-power, and opening new frontiers for smart sensors and cognitive computing applications. Pierre has over 40 years of international experience in tech, sales, marketing and business development in 94 countries and across industries and verticals on major key projects, knowledge learning and customer centric to grow, merge, acquire new business, go public, hire talented people, implement local offices and make joint ventures. He developed significant local government relationships, including technology transfers, working with government and institutions to develop educational programs, certifications of technology and helping adoption with change management.

  • Samantha Payne


    Open Bionics

    Samantha co-founded Open Bionics with Joel in 2014 when she learnt about the work that he was doing on open source robotic hands. Samantha has an exceptional business acumen and brings valuable experience in project management, marketing and business development. Samantha has elevated Open Bionics to a globally recognised brand and has recently won several awards celebrating her entrepreneurship.

  • Clive Brown

    Chief Technology Officer

    Oxford Nanopore

    Clive is responsible for all of the Company’s product-development activities. He leads the specification and design of the Company’s nanopore-based sensing platform, including strand DNA/RNA sequencing and protein-sensing applications with a strong focus on scientific excellence and successful adoption by the scientific community. Clive joined Oxford Nanopore from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (Cambridge, UK) where he played a key role in the adoption and exploitation of 'next generation' DNA sequencing platforms. This involved helping to set up the world’s largest single installation of Illumina (formerly Solexa) Genome Analyzers in a production sequencing environment, initially used to pioneer the 1000 genomes project. From early 2003 he was Director of Computational Biology and IT at Solexa Ltd, where he was central to the development and commercialisation of the Genome Analyzer (GA). Solexa was sold to Illumina for $650m in early 2007 after the successful placement and adoption of 12 instruments. The Solexa technology, now commercialised by Illumina, is the market-leading DNA sequencing technology driving the renaissance in DNA-based discovery. Clive has a strong background in computer science and genetics/molecular biology and manages interdisciplinary teams including mechanical engineering, electronics, physics, surface chemistry, electrophysiology, software engineering and applications (of the technology).

  • Steve Leonard

    Founding CEO


    Mr Steve Leonard is a technology-industry leader with a wide range of experiences, having played key roles in building several global technology companies in Software, Hardware and Services. Although a US citizen by birth, Mr Leonard considers himself a member of the global community, having lived and worked outside the US for more than 25 years.


    In his current role as Founding Chief Executive of SGInnovate, a company held within the National Research Foundation of Singapore, Mr Leonard has been chartered to help translate some of the 'deep-tech' R&D, for which Singapore has gained a global reputation, into commercial success by working with local and international partners.


    Prior to his current role, Mr Leonard served as the Executive Deputy Chairman of the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), the statutory board within the Singapore Government Ministry of Communications and Information, with various responsibilities for the technology and telecommunications environment in Singapore. Mr Leonard continues to serve as the Deputy Chairman of IDA at the request of the Minister. Mr Leonard serves on the advisory boards of a range of universities and organisations in Singapore.

  • Juan L. Aparicio Ojea

    Head of Research Group - Advanced Manufacturing Automation


    Juan Aparicio is the Head of Advanced Manufacturing Automation at Siemens Corporate Technology in Berkeley, CA. Juan has extensive experience managing complex projects, involving hardware and software; and bridging the technology gap between universities and businesses. His areas of interest include Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Robotics, Connected Cars, Industry 4.0, and Cyber-Physical Systems. He is member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Advanced Robotics in Manufacturing (ARM) Institute in the US and the Project Manager of the Open Process Automation Forum. His work has been featured at NYTimes, MIT Tech Review and Medium.

  • Duncan Turner

    Managing Director


    Duncan Turner is General Partner at SOSV and Managing Director of the HAX Accelerator and HAX China programs in Shenzhen, China, where he has been a mentor since its inception. A designer and expert in China manufacturing, he is particularly interested in investing in and mentoring startups who have an emphasis on hardware. To date, five of Duncan’s portfolio companies have raised a combined $4.26 million on Kickstarter.


    Duncan has a diverse background in human factors research, industrial design, product development, manufacturing and business. He brings deep experience with business growth in China, having spent many years building both small and large companies’ manufacturing capabilities. Duncan’s entrepreneurial background has seen him take numerous hardware products to market from first concepts through research, funding, design, development, manufacturing and assembly to final sales of the product under brands that he created. Before becoming Lead of Product Design & Engineering at IDEO Shanghai, Duncan co-founded Cliq, a hardware company which shipped hundreds of thousands of units of a dozen different designs, achieving millions in revenue.


    Prior to co-founding his own business, he worked for two years as a Human Factors Research Associate at the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, part of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in the UK. He obtained his Masters from Royal College of Art and his design work is part of the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art.

  • CJ Meadows

    Professor & Director of Innovation & Insights Centre

    SP Jain School of Global Management

    Dr CJ Meadows is a thought leader on tomorrow's innovation. Consultant, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, she has led and advised companies and leaders across the globe. Director of i2i - The Innovation & Insights Center @SP Jain School of Global Management, a Forbes Top-20 International Business School, she holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). She has over 20 years’ experience in Asia, Europe, and North America as an entrepreneur, dot-com builder & innovation lab co-founder, and Accenture IT & business strategy consultant. She has designed and delivered executive education programmes individually and in conjunction with top business schools like INSEAD, AIM, NUS, and SMU.

  • John McGeehan

    Director, Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

    University of Portsmouth

    John McGeehan is a Professor of Structural Biology focused on the global challenge of plastic pollution and leads a team of scientists researching natural enzyme discovery and engineering. Published in PNAS in April 2018 as part of an international collaboration, their latest work reveals the detailed workings of an enzyme that can digest polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Found in single-use drinks bottles, packaging, clothing and carpets, PET can take centuries to decompose, and together with other plastics, is accumulating in our environment at a staggering rate. A biological catalyst that can break PET down into it’s original building blocks opens new and exciting opportunities for recycling towards a circular plastics economy.

  • Salah Sukkarieh

    Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems

    University of Sydney

    Professor Salah Sukkarieh is an international expert in the research, development and commercialisation of field robotic systems. He has led a number of robotics and intelligent systems R&D projects in logistics, commercial aviation, aerospace, education, environment monitoring, agriculture and mining, and has consulted to industry including Rio Tinto, BHP, Patrick Stevedores, Qantas, QLD Biosecurity, Meat and Livestock Australia, and the NSW DPI amongst others. He was awarded the NSW Science and Engineering Award for Excellence in Engineering and Information and Communications Technologies in 2014, and the 2017 CSIRO Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science.

    Salah is Associate Dean (Industry and Innovation) and Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the University of Sydney. He has supervised over 20 research fellows, and graduated over 30 PhDs, 5 Masters and 60 honours students. He has received over $60m in government and industry funding, national and international.

    Salah is a Fellow of Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE), and is on the editorial board for the Journal of Field Robotics, Journal of Autonomous Robots, and Transactions of Aerospace Systems, and has over 500 academic and industry publications in robotics and intelligent systems.


…And many more to be announced.