Key Themes

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The 7th edition of EmTech Asia will examine this year’s most significant news on emerging technologies:

Our Digital Life

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation are changing our economies and societies. Dexterous robots are teaching themselves to handle the physical world, while Autonomous Vehicles are learning to adapt to real world scenarios. After a few false starts, Xtended Reality (XR) is helping enterprises all over the world visualise complex systems and far away environments. In the midst of it all, Next-Gen Communications will power the Internet of Things and a New Era in Computing. A couple of questions remain, though: What does privacy mean in a world where our data is not ours (yet)? And how can we protect critical infrastructure from ever-sophisticated cyberthreats?

Becoming Cyborgs - The Future of Health

Precision Medicine based on wearables’ insights and gene sequencing is already here, while cell-based therapies and custom cancer vaccines give us hope in the fight against cancer and rare diseases. Brain-Machine interfaces bring about a future where the mind will connect directly with AI, robots and other mind to transcend our human limitations. But who’s going to own the data?

Tech for Humanity

In the face of rising threats posed by our changing climate, leading scientists are working to develop solutions to secure our Food, Water and Energy supply while preserving the only planet we have. New and Nano Materials will be key to a sustainable future as well as a new era for computing. As social media and AI change our societies, a new wave of studies on their impact is shaping the conversation around ethics. In a world of exponential technologies, change is coming, and fast, for a workforce that still needs to adapt. Re-Skilling and UpSkilling thus become imperative for the Future of Work, while EdTech changes our children’s classrooms. Finally, we’ll look at Space and Aerospace technology and how it benefits us right here on spaceship Earth.