2019 Testimonials

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We asked participants what they thought about EmTech Asia 2019. Here’s what they had to say:


“The best emerging tech conference in Asia!”
Hamish Magoffin, Managing Partner, Break Off Capital


“EmTech Asia is a highly inspiring event that collects an exciting and eclectic mix of innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs into an amazing setting. The combination of the open discussion-led meeting format and location is highly productive. Singapore is hotbed for investment, and I enjoyed several days meeting with companies and organizations as a direct result of introductions made during the conference.”
John McGeehan, Director, Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences. University of Portsmouth


“Fascinating insight and discussion around technologies that can have a real impact and improve lives in the near future. Based in one of my favourite cities.”
Haakon Yri, IT Consultant, Haakon Yri Consulting AB


“I was skeptical about the short 20-minute sessions and whether they'd be long enough to get in to a subject, but the format was excellent! Focused presentations on a wide variety of subjects, one of the best value tech conferences I've been to in a long while.”
Simon Cornwell, Director, ITIQ Consulting Ltd


“A lot of wisdom on cutting edge tech. I see EmTech as one of the most valuable conferences in Asia and look forward to next 2020 edition.”
Chetan Chauhan, Manager International Business, Get My Parking


“EmTech 2019 has exposed me to amazing technologies and projects others are doing. This has given me the confidence that I'm on the right path to complete my targeted projects.”
Nathaniel Ashiagbor, CEO, COLDSiS Ghana Limited


“EmTech Asia was highly inspiring and a great networking platform to connect with the bright minds that make our future better.”
Katharina Richter, Early Career Researcher, University of Adelaide


“EmTech Asia 2019 was another amazing year with a stellar cast of who’s who in the emerging tech world/ the breadth and depth of discussion on topics that impacts humanity are what draws me back year after year. It really enables me to connect the dots and see further and higher. Looking forward to EmTech Asia 2020!”
Benjamin Tee, President’s Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore


“Great presenters, leading-edge tech, incentive tech-use and personal connection – what could be better? This was a valuable experience for me. I’ll be back!”
CJ Meadows, Professor & Director of Innovation & Insights Centre, SP Jain School of Global Management


“Singapore is on track to lead Asia into the work of comprehensive rejuvenation and youthful old age. EmTech Asia wonderfully showcased Singapore’s increasing prominence in this and many other pioneering technologies. It was a terrific event!”
Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer, SENS Foundation


“The EmTech event was fun. I enjoyed being on stage and found the questions from the audience to be engaged with interesting questions that stimulated conversation. I would be happy to do another EmTech event.”
Brian Kennedy, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Physiology, National University Singapore


“It’s super interesting, like binge watching TED talks.”
Robert Bedington, CTO, S15 Space Systems


“The calibre of the talks were just amazing - I was hooked on from the beginning to the end of every talk, which is definitely rare of large conferences. They were intellectually stimulating, highly captive, and well presented. I think it was a fantastic choice of speakers and topics.”
Jason Gui, Co-Founder, Vigo Technologies Inc.


“EmTech Asia is an event my team and I look forward to each year in Singapore. Together with the hundreds of scientists who participate, we hear about amazing things that both encourage and energise everyone who attends. Amidst all the ‘noise’ in the world, EmTech Asia reminds us there are people working hard every day to solve important human needs.”
Steve Leonard, CEO, SGInnovate


“EmTech Asia is the place where every tech innovator should be.”
Alfred Tan, Head of Knowledge Transfer Office, Hong Kong Baptist University


“EmTech Asia gave us insights into the latest new tech and opened up collaborative and investment opportunities.”
Don Perugini, Co-Founder and Director, Life Whisperer & Presagen


“Best place to keep up with new trends of tech especially deep tech.”
Mohd Izzat Mohd Fadzil, Job Program Manager, MaGIC


“Absolutely blown away about all the technologies that are moving forward, and just two days of such amazing speakers. As an employee in the Tech Industry, I’m gifted to have been my first EmTech Asia. Thank you to all the speakers and organisers for making such an amazing event come alive.”
Joshua Simon, Engineer, FutureNow Innovation Centre, Singtel


“EmTech is a fantastic place to connect with new ideas and people. With inspiring, well-curated talks, and ample opportunities to meet with other attendees, I look forward to coming back.”
Tariq Khokhar, Managing Director and Senior Data Scientist, The Rockefeller Foundation


“EmTech Asia is not only a tech conference for the emerging technologies that highly influence the world, but also a community that allow us to share all our thoughts and innovative ideas on how to make the world better. It is truly inspiring, and I am glad that I have taken part in it.”
Cathy Liu, Co-Founder, Oper Technology Limited


“EmTech Asia was an extremely interesting conference to participate in as well as to attend. The speakers and content were fascinating, and Singapore is a perfect venue for emerging technologies.”
Jonah Myerberg, CTO, Desktop Metal


“EmTech Asia was a wonderful opportunity to present our exciting business to the emerging tech industries, get valuable exposure through media, and meet contacts to help find new markets in Asia for our medical diagnostic products at Presagen and Life Whisperer.”
Jonathan Hall, Cofounder and Director, Life Whisperer


“I really enjoyed being on the EmTech 2019. Especially the diversity of topics and disciplines (medical, bio, energy…) which finally somehow emerge together by computer sciences (i.e. Big data, Block chain, AI) really astonished me. I learned a lot on how other researchers are dealing with their problems by using modern emerging technologies.”
Marius Swoboda, Head of Engineering Science and Capability, Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG


“Good event. Should have it more often!”
Ivan Kon, Executive Assistant, AirAsia


“Keep up the good work of knowledge sharing!”
Eric Wei, Senior Assistant Director (Learning Tech & Digital Media, Center for IT), Nanyang Technological University


“It’s a good event to be plugged into the emerging developments shaping the tech landscape.”
Harish Menon, Senior Officer and Engineering Research Council, Science and Engineering Institutes, A*STAR Research Entities


“Opened up my mind on the possibilities and a great update on what is happening on the innovation around the world.”
Prakash Natarajan, Head of Tech Digital, Data, Analytics & Innovation, APAC, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Pte Ltd


“Smooth organisation of the conference! A good mix of speakers and topics!”
Luke Lim, Senior Associate, Changi Airport Group


“Great Event! Looking at technology across industries.”
Siti Sara Lyana Badly Sham, Executive, Petronas


“Great event with very well curated topics and speakers (and the emcee did a great job)!”
Vinay Gorur, COIN Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services


“Amazing experience. Must attend if you want to expand the horizons of your thoughts and vision.”
Abhishek Kumar, Development Architect, SAP Labs India


“First visit – high quality presentations and exciting technologies.”
Keith McLean, Director (Manufacturing), CSIRO


“Cutting edge and broadly interesting.”
Sara Watson, Freelance Technology Critic


“Eye-opening conference with high level speakers on emerging technologies, making you inspired, curious and knowledgeable about what's coming in the future of technology and our lives across industries and applications. Loved it.”
Julien Condamines, Managing Director, Co-creation Lab


“EmTech Asia is an eye-opening event, providing a fantastic encounter with people, technologies and a perfect framework for interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and cross pollination of experiences.... Fantastic event!”
Kenji Tan, Business Development, IMEC (Belgium)


“Interesting topics presented in a non-geeky way.”
Mariatini Othman, Senior Vice President - TAF/CRDF/Halal Fund, Malaysia Technology Development Corporation


“The conference is solid and truly inspirational. A great way to stay engaged with the cutting-edge technology development and work with the community to re-imagine and shape the future.”
Jennifer Jiang, Co-Founder and CEO, BlockTEST


“Honoured to be part of the event and to learn more about emerging technologies that will change the world.”
Natasa Bajalovic, Research Fellow I, Singapore University of Technology and Design


“First time here. Great event!”
Pongwut Ittipoonsawat, Senior Associate, Smart Contract Thailand


“Great line up of speakers on cutting edge technologies!”
Caroline Lim, Analyst, VIAVI SOLUTIONS


“Excellent event.”
Kelvin Ang, COO, CSS Industrial Pte Ltd


“An Asian version of TED. Cutting edge technology by cutting edge people.”
Farzad Oifat, Director for Research Facilities for AMR & DiSTAP, SMART AMR


“EmTech Asia 2019 was an excellent way to kick off the new year. The topics and speakers curated were inspiring and thought provoking. I left knowing that the mounting challenges the world faces are actively being addressed by highly talented and innovative leaders from around the world.”
Lauren Liang, Innovation, LumenLab


“Such a broad range of topics, great conference. See you next year!”
Vinh P. Dinh, Product Development, Mocava Mobile


“You can't see what your house or associated houses look like from the inside. You need to step outside and take notice of new, intersecting or alternative views from a range of topics and technologies outside your norm to test and update your current thinking and habituation. EmTech Asia provides an excellent arena to immerse yourself with others in those topics and technologies outside your norm.”
Leigh Pullen, Executive Director, CIGen Pty Limited


“EmTech Asia gave me a great start of 2019. It's definitely eye-opening, and probably life-changing.”
Wenyue Zou, Researcher, Ian Potter NanoBioSensing Facility, RMIT University


“A great networking opportunity.”
Hannah Gardner, Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic – School of Engineering


“EmTech Asia 2019 didn't just highlight technology trends, it dissected the global problems that gave way to these breakthroughs.”
Ally Neil, Innovation, LumenLabs


“Well organised with a good range of speakers representing diverse industries.”
Kerryn Burke, Director, Vertere Marketing


“Good Selection of Speakers”
Daniel Wei, Chief Strategy Officer, Arvato China


“Yet another excellent program in terms of content, speakers and audience caliber.”
Jeyaratnam P., Executive Chairman, S&J Asia-Pacific Ventures Pte Ltd


“Thanks for the great networking opportunities!”
Adela Foo, Head – Industry Development Group, Biomedical Sciences Institutes, A*STAR Research Entities


“Insightful and eye opening about next coming technologies and current technological challenges.”
Louis Cheng Yi Lee, Senior Researcher Engineer, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology, A*STAR Research Entities


“It's a great event to understand the latest tech trends and what the tech leaders are thinking about in a nutshell.”
Chizue Honda, Analyst, JETRO Singapore


“It was my first time attending EmTech Asia. It was an eye-opener being introduced to emerging technologies and innovations.”
Jia Hao Lim, Research Engineer, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology, A*STAR Research Entities


“Captivating speakers whose talks help you not only know more about cutting edge technologies but also how their applications are impacting both society and businesses.”
Sujith Vadaly, Manager, Tata Communications