Daniela Rhodes

Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Nanyang Technological University

Daniela is internationally recognized for her contributions to the area of chromosome biology. She has provided fundamental insights into the packaging of DNA in chromosomes, the structure of telomeres and how specific proteins recognize DNA sequences to regulate transcription. She has been responsible for the determination of a number of important structures of proteins and protein-DNA complexes involved in transcriptional regulation. She has also made key contributions to the understanding of the structure, function and regulation of chromatin compaction and remodelling including the role of histone modification (epigenetics). Presently, the research of the Rhodes' group focuses on the structure and function of chromatin, using cryo-EM methods. This work should provide essential insights into all biological processes whose substrate is DNA. Such knowledge is needed to progress in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer propagation and human ageing. For her scientific contributions, Daniela has received several awards throughout her career.